2023 Results – Final

Wild Women Adventure Race 2023 – Full Results


  1. Where the heck are we
  2. Broken Tigers
  3. Flat white & English Breakfast
Wild Legends

1. Old & even older

2. A & S Team Spirit

Totally Wild Women

  1. Broken Tigers
  2. Flat white & English breakfast
  3. Wild strangers no more
Wild Mums

  1. Where the heck are we
  2. womansadventurerace.com.au
  3. Quiet Time
Wild Fillies Wise and Wild

  1. Krakhorz
  2. Mojo 365
  3. MAAD

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Race Reports
Event Testimonials

“Great event thanks Jan and Kim .. our first … Mackay mob are well and truly hooked”. (Cath WWAR 2019)

“Thanks again for organising the amazing women’s race on Saturday! I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge and doing it with fantastic women from all walks of life.” (Janelle WWAR 2019)

“I just wanted to personally say a big Thank-you for organising a great event. This was my first ever event and it won’t be the last. We had so much fun!!!” (Greer & Danielle WWAR 2019)

“Our first adventure race. It was wet and miserable. I can barely walk today. But we had a blast!! Wild is probably the term for it too!! A well run event and we had an awesome time despite the yukky weather. A definite adventure and a great taste of adventure racing!!” (Karla WWAR 2017)

“Thanks for such a fun, well organised race yesterday. Looking forward already to next year!!!” (Jane WWAR2017)

“Got a little damp and dirty today, 50km of trekking, paddling and mountain biking in the rain and mud. Despite the weather this was one of the best adventure races I have done, a really, really well designed course and a credit to the race design skills of Jan and Kim at Tri Adventure. The race included some fun challenges including a slingshot/shanghai challenge, we had six chances to hit tin cans on a ladder 5 or so metres away – I got it 1st try, didn’t matter what else happened in the race I was already a winner!” (Wendy WWAR2017)

“The course was well designed for newbies to the sport as well as experienced racers lots of options. Congratulations to you Jan and Kim for very successful race.” (Julie WWAR2017)

“We had an absolute ball on our first ever adventure race yesterday! It was just the right level of difficulty, but still completely achievable- we finished with about three minutes to spare! We were so impressed with how well-organised it was and how encouraging everyone was! When’s the next one?!” (Anne WWAR 2017)

“I volunteered yesterday it was heaps of fun, amazing to see all the ladies doing so well!” (Elaine WWAR2017)

“Wild Women was my first adventure and I loved every minute of it. I’m totally hooked now!” (WWAR 2012)

“Nicole and I otherwise known as the Sassy Girls had just blitzed the kayak leg and leapt onto our bikes with great enthusiasm.  500 metres down the track I watched Nicole disappear into an enormous mud puddle.  I was laughing so hard I forgot to stop and found myself up to my waist in mud too.  The only one laughing harder was Paicey, taking photos and no help at all.  Into the tunnel we went??  it’s only ankle-deep?  says Paicey in a squeaky voice that I now realise was him having trouble speaking because his diaphragm had gone into laughter spasm.  We found the chest deep water of the tunnel very helpful to wash the mud off!  On we went and being the Wild Women that we were, we decided to turn a small 100m stretch into a 40 minute deviation onto the run track.  Weren’t those Clever TriAdventure ladies surprised to see us there on the wrong mountain!  Best mountain biking of the day.  And LOST is just a frame of mind!!  We got there eventually.  Mental note to selves…..More attention to mapping details and slightly less enthusiasm.  Thank you for a great day”

“Wow, what a stunning BBQ at the end and the never-ending stream of prizes……soooooo nice.  We won the complimentary entry into the next race – 12 hours…Yikes!