2016 Pomona


  1. Tri Adventure G & C
  2. Giddy Up Girls
  3. The Azers
Totally Wild Women

  1. Tri Adventure G & C
  2. Tri Adventure Gals
  3. Stranger Danger
Wild Mums

  1. The Azers
  2. Whoops Witch Way?
  3. WOFIL 1 & 2
Wild Fillies

  1. Shakey Shakey
  2. Tourism Noosa
Wise and Wild

  1. Giddy Up Girls
  2. Puffed Out
  3. Wild Roses

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Race Reports
Event Testimonials

“Thank you very much for organising the race and giving us ‘First Timers’ (!) the opportunity to try our a True Adventure” (WWAR 2012)

“Wild Women was my first adventure and I loved every minute of it. I’m totally hooked now!” (WWAR 2012)

“Nicole and I otherwise known as the Sassy Girls had just blitzed the kayak leg and leapt onto our bikes with great enthusiasm.  500 metres down the track I watched Nicole disappear into an enormous mud puddle.  I was laughing so hard I forgot to stop and found myself up to my waist in mud too.  The only one laughing harder was Paicey, taking photos and no help at all.  Into the tunnel we went??  it’s only ankle-deep?  says Paicey in a squeaky voice that I now realise was him having trouble speaking because his diaphragm had gone into laughter spasm.  We found the chest deep water of the tunnel very helpful to wash the mud off!  On we went and being the Wild Women that we were, we decided to turn a small 100m stretch into a 40 minute deviation onto the run track.  Weren’t those Clever TriAdventure ladies surprised to see us there on the wrong mountain!  Best mountain biking of the day.  And LOST is just a frame of mind!!  We got there eventually.  Mental note to selves…..More attention to mapping details and slightly less enthusiasm.  Thank you for a great day”

“Wow, what a stunning BBQ at the end and the never-ending stream of prizes……soooooo nice.  We won the complimentary entry into the next race – 12 hours…Yikes!”

“Great NEW location!!  It was awesome to have a different start point for a change!  Also, rego was easy and it was such a great surprise to get a buff and shirt (that was women-specific sizing!!) in our bags.”