Weekday Sessions

These sessions provide an opportunity for individuals with an interest in adventure races, multisport events or even just an interest in trying something ‘new, exciting and different’. Participants will get direct feedback and personalised coaching while learning the skills of off-road running/trekking, open water swimming, mountain bike (MTB) riding, and paddling.

Normally $5 per session.

Weekend Adventure and Navigation Sessions

These sessions will be coordinated regularly and will allow individuals and squad members to experience a taste of multisport and adventure racing. The aim of these sessions is to prepare for upcoming events on the adventure racing and multisport calendar or to simply allow individuals to challenge themselves and discover the wonders of the Noosa hinterland and beyond.

Normally $10 per session.

Multisport Training

Tri Adventure sponsors and supports the Noosa Tri Club and encourages triathletes to participate in off-road style multisport events as a form of cross training or simply to add some variety to their current training regime.  Many of the Tri Adventure sessions are suitable for individuals with an interest in taking on one of the wide varieties of multisport events available.  Eg:  Coast to Coast Multisport World Championships, Adventurethon, Augusta Adventurefest, Upper Murray Challenge, X-Adventure, X-Terra, Tre-X, and other off-road events.

Who can join us for these sessions?  Please look at our weekly schedule and contact us before attending your next adventure.

Athletes should have a reasonable level of skill and fitness for swimming, mountain biking and trail running. If you are not sure, please contact us and we can assess your readiness and where required provided some extra personalised coaching sessions to bring you up to a level to join the group.

Normally $5 per session.

Training Camps

Tri Adventure conducts various training camps throughout the year, specialising in either Adventure Racing, Multisport or Off-road Triathlon. Members are able to receive discounts when signing up for any of these camps.

Tri adventure group mountain biking photo
Mountain Biking

For more information, please refer to our weekly correspondence via email, blog and Facebook.

** All squad participants are required to complete and sign the Registration and Participant Agreement prior to participating in any sessions conducted by Tri Adventure.